Spring Fashion

While I am not your typical OOTD kind of girl, I do consider myself a fashionista.  Though the calendar says that it is Spring, even if it doesn’t feel like it, you should be ready to rock your spring finds and prepare for summer since it is just around the corner.  I am trying my best to stop gravitating toward black, my go to color, and this year I definitely plan to experiment with color as well as print.  Here are a few observations I have made about Spring and Summer fashion trends.

Skin Is In

If you are shy about shoulder, leg or cleavage, then you are going to be left behind.  There are more dresses with splits, distressed jeans, strapless tops and dresses and off the shoulder items than I have seen in a long time. Fashion is becoming more daring and I am definitely here for all of it.  Just check out your latest stores and designers and you will see skin, skin and more skin.

Affordable Fashion

When stars promote stores such as Fashion Nova, and show you that you can be cute, trendy and not broke.  Thanks to stars like Cardi B.  who show us that your don’t have to go broke to look fabulous.  Other stores like Forever 21, JCPenney and GS Love also show us that Plus Size and Curvy girls can look cute and still have some coins left over.  None of the items in this post is over $50.00.

Tribal Prints

While this has been a trend for a few years now, it is not going away.  Especially with all of the stunning prints we witnessed in Black Panther, tribal prints will be around a little longer.  Not just for skirts and headwraps anymore, look for them on jackets, tops and pants.  They are everywhere.


Another trend that is not going away soon.  I have never really been a fan of florals, however I have found myself with several floral pieces in my wardrobe thanks to the modern and trendy way florals have been showing up lately.  From skirts and tops to swimsuits and dresses, the new modern floral is definitely a trend that I can embrace.


Not just for the military anymore, camo is everywhere.  The great thing about camo is that it can be worn as a neutral, so you can mix and match it with any color.  One great thing about the new trendy camo is that you can find it in dresses, jackets, pants, and tops.  Another great thing is that it is styled to fit.


They are all over the place.  And not just the denim overalls.  There are cute trendy jumpsuits available for all shapes and sizes.  They are available in solids, prints and patterns.  The options are endless.  To me a jumpsuit is a great way to go from work to play with the use of a jacket or sweater, and they can be worn with heels, flats or tennis shoes.  No matter how you style them, jumpsuits are a great on trend item.  (see the two in the floral section).

No matter where you may find yourself on the fashion scale or what your budget may be there is something out there for you.  Whether, floral or tribal, skin exposed or more covered, fashion is always your best accessory.  No matter the season or reason in most cases when you look good you feel good.  So here is to looking good and here’s to find trends that you love at prices you can afford.


Be Blessed, Be Fabulous!



Plus Size Promotion

Sound Off Sunday

This Sound off Sunday is all about the recent wins in the Plus Size industry.

It has been hard being Plus Size or Full Figured in this day and age.  There used to be a struggle to find clothes that were not only sized correctly, but that were also fashionable and trendy. I am pleased that all black is a thing of the past and that plus sized women now can find clothing options that suit their personality as well as their figure.  No matter where you fall in the discussion of Plus Size, lately Plus Sized women are all over the place.  Gracing the coveted cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit, the cover of Ebony,  and the fashion week shows in almost every major market.

I want to thank the media outlets for having the courage to go against the grain and cater to an often forgotten population.  I want to thank the Models:  Ashley Graham, Chrisette Michelle, Jazmine Sullivan, Gabi Fresh and Danielle Brooks.  You guys rock! There are also so many curvy pioneers that are too numerous to name.  I salute you all too!

The past few weeks have made me more proud than ever to be a part of the plus size/full figured community.  It is wonderful that people are finally starting to recognize that not all full figured women are unhealthy or morbidly obese.  There are just some curvy women in the world who wear their sizes well.  It has always amazed me how concerned people are with plus size/ full figured women but not concerned with women who are scarily thin (which is just as unhealthy).  Anyway I am happy of what the media has put out for us fuller figured women these past few weeks.