What Are My Resolutions for the New Year?

 january 1

I am beginning this year doing the NaBloPoMo January writing challenge.  In an effort to become more disciplined as well as to give my blog the attention this deserves, I am going to jump in with both feet.  Here is my first post for this blog challenge.

I gave up making resolutions years ago.  Maybe it was because by the 5th of the year I had probably fell off and by the 10th of the month I had forgot most of them.  Finding the paper where they were written became a lesson in futility.  So as I matured I realized that making resolutions was not for me.  No with that being said, what I do try to do each year is to make improvements of myself, my life and work to take my ideas and professions to the next and best level.

As I move through 2015, I like most other people want to lose weight, exercise, make more money, find more time to do the things I love, spend more time with the people I love and ultimately leave the world a little bit better because I was here on this earth.  So the answer to the question what is my resolution is answered by saying that there is no resolution.  Simply a commitment to be better, do better and live better,

Until Tomorrow