What’s New Wednesday

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In our first edition of What’s New Wednesday we present to you GorJus Whips by Jacqueline Elliot.

Gorjus Whips is a healthy natural multipurpose line of products that will enrich and restore your skin.  The hand crafted, responsibly produced body butters and scrubs can be used year round on all skin types.  There are two collections currently for sale the D’Lux 18 collection and the Change 7 collection.

My favorite collection is the Change 7 collection which is inspired by essential oils from the Bible.  This divinely inspired collection of biblical proportions, required the careful study of biblically based essential oils and their uses.  The end result is 7 products that complement the 18 original items.

My favorite scent is from the D’Lux 18 collection and is called Heavenly.  This lightly fragrant, non oily butter is a refreshing change from the harsh and heavy perfumes people often wear.  This scent can be worn alone or balanced with a complementary scent of your choice for a lasting refreshing smell throughout your day.  The non oily nature of the products makes it easy to use and wear throughout the day prevents the mess that heavy oils and lotions often present.


Not only do the products smell good they are beautifully packaged and can be displayed in plain view.  It is evident that a great deal of care and preparation went into the development and the marketing of this great line of skin care products.  For more information about the product line, the creator or for orders please click the link above or you can access their website here:  http://www.gorjuswhips.org.

Trust me you will not be disappointed.