Moving Forward


As we approach a new year, it becomes important to leave a lot of things in the past.  2014 was a year of highs and lows, setbacks and disappointments, but also happiness and success.  I was able to move past the biggest hurdle standing in between me and my doctoral degree, (except the tuition payments). I gain a great deal but I lost a little too.  2015 presents a time when the proverbial slate is clean and the opportunity to think and dream big and accomplish great things is present and accounted for.

I am late in creating my vision board, (it is coming soon), but I already know and have a great idea of what my goals are and what I am trying to accomplish.  As usual, I have a plate of things I wish to tackle but have decided to take small bites instead of trying to eat it all at once.  I am thankful to those around me who encourage me to reach my goals but to be present in the process as well.  (Thanks Babe).  I know that I already possess the tools and training necessary to be successful in all that I do, I just need to do it one thing at a time.

My plan is to also stop and smell the roses more.  So often the goal is to move from one spot to the next but the details of the journey are often hazy because it was a rush job moving from A to B.  I plan to be intentional about enjoying the journey.  I also plan to spend more time with those I love.  It can be quite comforting to remain in a cocoon where the world is shut out, but home will always be home.  I am looking forward to an incredible journey and an incredible year to come.