Been So Long

I guess since Anita Baker (IYKYK) is going to be on tour this year, this title is appropriate. But it’s also true. It’s been so long. It seems like it has been forever since my last post. I have no real excuse as to why I have been MIA, just have. Life has been lifing but I am sure that everyone can say that.

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I made it to 2023 with more clarity and more focus than I have had in some time and for that I am thankful and grateful. I am glad to be back and to be honest, its time that I got back to my roots. I started blogging as an outlet when working on my dissertation and from that point on it was carthartic for me and now, i find myself in a place when an outlet, such as this may be helpful.

I also think this is the time where I start to put myself out there more. I have written for several nationally published publications and I have also had the pleasure of being editor-in-chief of two online publications. Lately, I have the pleasure of being able to edit several books. So it’s not like I have not been busy, but most of the work done was for someone else. This blog is for me, and of course the readers and subscribers.

So I share all that to say, I’m back again. I have so much to share and so much on my mind. Let’s collectively make 2023 on of the best year’s yet!

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Whaaaaat’s Up?

It has been oh so long since I have written. Why? I can’t really say. So many reasons, no real reason at all. Mainly it was the pandammit (pandemic). It really did take a lot away from many of us. Some people lost loved ones, some people lost their jobs, some people lost their sanity. The vast amount of uncertainty with the added stress of news reports, to vaccinate or not to vaccinate and everything in between. It has been exhausting.

Figuring out a new way of living and navigating daily life has been hard. Really hard. Wearing a mask everywhere you go. Not the phony half smile, pretend mask we used to wear, but now we are actually wearing masks. Everywhere. All day everyday. From the time we leave the confines of our homes until the time we return…masks. And to be honest being nervous if you forget to mask or being in the presence of someone without a mask. Life as we know it is just different. The more things change, well the more they are changing.

I was able to change jobs during the pandemic. Moving from working from home 100% to being in an office 99% of the time. In the midst of a pandammit. It appears that COVID is not going anywhere and we just have to figure out how to live with it. Kind of like a chronic recurring boil that never really healed and never really left. Just there waiting to come back at the most inconvenient time, whenever it wants to no matter what you think or feel.

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So my absence wasn’t personal or neglectful. It was necessary. COIVD caused a mild depression to kick in. Then there was the stress of the old job, then the stress of changing jobs, then the stress of the new job. So much going on, while still learning and navigating the new normal and the new way of living.


All that to say that I am back. I have missed blogging, missed my audience, missed the interaction. There is so much to get caught up on and so much to share, so stay tuned.