Good or Bad

good vs bad

I believe that I have more good habits than bad habits.  But that is my opinion and at the end of that day that is all that matters.  I work hard for all that I have.  I am still a work in progress and that is what I hold true to.  At this point in my life I believe that the good habits outweigh the bad habits.

While the bad habits are sometimes necessary, it is the good habits that help me progress in life and that keep me on track as I grow and mature.  I am thankful for the bad habits because they have helped me to cultivate the good habits I have developed.  I think the bad habits I have such as procrastination, a small bit of disorganization and lack of exercise have all helped me to know how to find things in an organized mess, work well under pressure, and be in tune when those extra 5-6 pounds creep in.


The good habits,  health cooking, prayer, have all come by learning what did not work.  What is true is that you have to work hard at everything you do each and everyday.  The truth is that the longer and harder you work at what the good habits the more they become a way of life.  That is what you want to develop life habits.  Keep up the good work and know that all of the bad habits can be changed.

The Habit I Wish I Had


I am certain that there are things we all wish that we did.  We can also beat ourselves up about it, we can fix or change it or we can do nothing,   One thing that I wish I was doing was exercising.

Exercise for me is a habit that I need that I just don’t have.  It requires a discipline that I wish I had but that just seems to escape me.  There have been times when I started off well and was consistent, however one glitch in the schedule and it all went south after that.

What bothers me the most about not exercising is that people keep saying that it is harder to lose weight once you turn 40.  Well that was just one more reminder that I did not need.  Now that I have turned the page into the 40 club those words never seem to escape me.  So there are times when I figure it is going to be hard so f*@K it.  However then I have to think about how I feel.  The times when it seems as if I am carrying another person around, and really according to the numbers I am.  The times when you look in the mirror and a set of tires seems to be hiding under your clothes.  Don’t let me start on the jeans.


I know that eventually, I will add exercise into my daily routine.  Maybe the real issue is having a routine to begin with.  How do you make it into the 40 club with no set routine, don’t judge I did.  But it is never too late to start fresh or never too late to begin a new thing.  I keep reminding myself of that.  I guess in the guise of being older and wiser I have to begin to put all of this into practice.  Maybe next year I will be blogging about something different.  May all of the good habits I wish I had will be in effect.