Beyonce and Socio-Political Formation

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Years ago my cousin made this reference “Real bad boys move in silence”. This is what Beyonce demonstrated this past weekend. She came like a thief in the night and she stole the show. Beyonce started a weekend of fabulousness that no one was ready for. First of all on Saturday Queen Bey released her new single #Formation. She was slated to perform during #Super Bowl 50 and #Formation was the song she chose to showcase during the event. The world was not ready for #Formation, but the Queens’s instructions were clear, “All you ladies better get in Formation”. The imagery in the video as well as the lyrics show how and why Beyonce manages to have people from various walks of life ready and willing to join the #Beyhive.

First of all the video starts off with a voice speaking about Hurricane Katrina. While it has been over 10 years since the Katrina catastrophe, there are still many things that remain unaddressed in post Katrina New Orleans what a way to introduce social issues Bey. That was not the only social issue that was addressed in the video. There is a moment in the video where the #Black Lives Matter movement is addressed. The question says “why don’t you stop shooting us?” As much as people criticize Beyonce for being silent on social issues, this video should shut them up.


Bey also address the Illuminati rumors as well as the criticism of her husband and her daughter. Bey states “I like my baby hair with baby hair and afros”, so those who started petitions or had constant criticism over Blue Ivy’s hair, I think she let them know how she feels about their criticism. She also went on to say that she “likes her negro with Jackson 5 nostrils”. And she let us know that she had hot sauce on her bag swag.


So not only did the Queen drop the single and let people know she felt about their critiques and criticisms about her life.  She also let them know that there are some concerns that are near and dear to her heart.  She announced at the end of her Super Bowl performance that she was going on tour.  Tickets going on sale starting Tuesday February 9, 2016!  Talk about a lesson in marketing, advertising, sales and social media.  All covered.  All hail the Queen!

Stay Blessed and Stay Fabulous