Perpetual Reading

Four AgreementsA

As I mentioned in an earlier posts I have eclectic taste.  I am not just a non-fiction reader or a fiction reader.  I enjoy GOOD reading whether it is a classic or whether it is something else.  When I first read the Four Agreements, I went out and bought copies for my family.  I shared the book with my friends and every chance I go I used the book as teaching material or as a topic of conversation.  I figured that a book this good needed to be shared with everyone I love.  The material in the book was profound yet simple, complex yet necessary.  While I will not share what the agreements mean in detail I will let you all in on what the agreements are.


As I read the book I recall thinking how simple these concepts were yet how difficult they were to institute into daily living.  At different points in my life I struggled with each of these concepts and how to apply them to the way I lived daily.  As much as I try there are times when I still struggle to live by these principles.  But I then realize that life is a struggle and that each day is an opportunity to start over and get it right.  As much as I embrace the words as they are written here, they are biblical as well.

I hope you all read The Four Agreements and I pray that they touch your life as much as these agreements touched mine.  You will often find this book in the list of must reads from many famous people around the world. There is even a Fifth Agreement which ties the pervious agreements together.  Happy reading and happy implementing the agreements into your daily life.