The Captain comes to Chicago

Recently I was able to hang out with Captain Morgan compliments of #chicagogrammers.  It was wonderful fall weather at Joy District and the event was held on their beautiful rooftop.  There was good music, great drinks and an amazing atmosphere.  The purpose of the event was to sample the new Captain Morgan fall flavor Apple Smash.  It was a good time with some really, really good drinks.


My favorite drink of the night was the Captain Morgan Apple Smash and Ginger ale.  The combination of the apple and ginger made for a tasty cocktail and a great choice for a fall adult beverage.  Below are some of the other drinks the mixologist prepared for the event.


One of my favorite things about the drinks were that they were served in little plastic green apples, a great way to introduce the concept while providing an visually appealing way to enjoy your cocktail.

What would a rooftop party be without food, music, a photo booth and a visit by the Captain himself?

IMG-2117So if you are looking for a way to spice up your fall event or holiday party, pick up some Captain Morgan Apple Smash.  Try it out with some of your favorite combinations, or serve it with some ginger ale for a refreshing, tasty and enjoyable beverage.

Be Blessed, Be Fabulous!



New Month New Beginnings


So I made a decision yesterday.  Starting today September 1, 2015, I am going to work out everyday this month.  I am sick of carrying this extra person on my ass.  (That is how I refer to my extra weight).  I have purchased all the videos, spent money on Weight Watchers, and other weight maintenance programs and still nothing.  I have just reached a point in my life and on this journey where I know that in order to feel better and in order to do my best in all of the endeavors I am currently pursuing.

I have enlisted the help of an accountability partner to give me daily reminders to work out.  I plan to start with Shaun T and T-25.  I want to have a daily plan so that I will be able to know in advance what I am going to do.  My plan is to have a semi-significant amount of weight loss by my birthday.  This is one area in my life that I have not had the best success at and that is mostly because I have been the most stubborn and to be honest lazy.  As I prepare to age this year I want to make a significant change to my lifestyle and work to make the rest of my life the best of my life.


I figured the best present I could give myself is to invest at least 25 minutes each day.  I ask that each of my followers pray for me and for those who wish to join in come on.  You may not have T-25, but you can start somewhere, maybe just walking for 30 minutes each day.  I have already started making small changes by taking vitamins everyday and making a small attempt to meal plan.  I cannot do everything at once so for now my focus will be sticking to the workout. In my opinion, this is the best birthday present I can offer myself.  A healthy life.