Summer Savings with Groupon Coupon

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As summer approaches many of us may be looking for ways to save a little extra money that can be added to the savings account, vacation fund or just simply an additional way to save.  Groupon Coupons is a great way to find a little extra savings this summer and all year around.

If you are looking to save a little money on your summer travel, there are options for you on this site.  Specifically here are a few of the most popular travel sites that offer coupons through Groupon Coupon.  They are Travelocity and, but there are more on the site.


If you love to shop like I do, there are several shopping sites, department store and discount.  You will find stores such as Macy’s and Last Call Neiman Marcus.  You may find other shopping brands that you frequent, so don’t think that there may not be other stores that pique your interest.

Goupon Coupons is a clearinghouse of coupons for the things you use in your everyday life.  It is user friendly and they are currently offer additional promotions for first time uses.  It would be a shame for you to not take advantage of this opportunity.  Like the traditional Groupon, the site is free to explore.  Who knows, the savings you gain from on your travel coupons can some extra funds to your shopping budget for the clothes you plan to take on your trip.


Whichever coupon you choose or for whatever reason you use the site you can find something that offers you a little bit of savings.  This summer make Groupon Coupons one of the staples for your summer shopping.  Happy Shopping!


Stay Blessed, Stay Fabulous




New Opportunities

curvy girl chroniclesSo this just in!  This blogger here is now a brand ambassador for the Curvy Girl Chronicles.  Not only am I concerned with the lives of Single, Professional women, I am also concerned with the lives of curvy women.  Why?  Because I exist in both worlds.

Just as I feel that it is important to see diversity in our everyday lives, I feel that diversity transcends movies and television and classrooms.  Diversity should be seen in print as well.  Focusing on and working with populations that don’t get as much spotlight as others allows me the opportunity to be A voice for those who do not see themselves reflected in the things around them.

I look forward to this partnership with Curvy Girl Chronicles and I also look forward to all of the new adventures and endeavors that God has in store for me.  Make it a great day!