Simple Sunday Dinner

I have been wanting some chicken fettuccine Alfredo for some time, so today I thought I would whip some up and enjoy this hearty dinner on this unseasonably cold spring day. Just a few simple ingredients and less than 30 minutes to make, this meal can be a Sunday dinner or a weekday quick and easy meal. Here is what you need.

Boneless Chicken Breast

Alfredo Sauce

Fettuccine Pasta

Olive oil

Spices (to taste)

See the video below for my rendition. This meal can be served with salad or any fresh vegetable of your choice. My addition was homemade garlic bread using naan.



Private Dinner with Canadian Lentils

The first night at BlogHerFood16, some of us went to a special dinner hosted by Canadian Lentils.  The dinner was hosted at a wonderful location in Austin named, Vuka, a wonderful indoor and outdoor space with music and outdoor games for adults (please click the link and check out the pictures, the space is amazing).  The weather was great for outdoor dining and since the dinner was being made on a food truck the outside atmosphere was perfect.


We were greeted with an open bar and an antipasto station.  The antipasto station and the open bar was a great welcome to the first day of a conference.  It was important to pace myself because there was more food to come.  In addition to the antipasto station there were appetizers and then we were ready to order our final entree’s.  The premise of the dinner was to find different ways to experiment and cook with Lentils.  Canadian Lentils always pulls out all of the stops when they host us and this time was no exception.

We were able to go to the truck and select what we wanted from the menu.  My choice was the lentil salad with avocado, tomatoes, onions, sweet potatoes and dressing, along with the salmon taco, and the Frito pie.  I have never had Frito pie so I was very excited to taste this particular dish.  The chef incorporated lentils into each of the dishes served as well as the dessert which was a sweet potato brownie with lentils.  The food was really good I just felt like the lentils could have been transformed a little more, they just felt like an additional ingredient.  But the food itself was tasty and satisfying.


Another great thing about Canadian Lentils, is that after the feed you all of this amazing and tasty food, and serve you drinks to your hearts content, they also provide you with great parting gifts to compliment your kitchen and to inspire you to cook more at home and to cook more with Lentils.  From the cooking utensils, to the cook book and recipe cards Canadian Lentils definitely brings out the cook in you.


While I have not had many experiences with Lentils prior to attending the BlogHerFood conference, I do have friends that cook and eat lentils often and I am learning.  One of the best things about Canadian Lentils as a company is that they get you excited about cooking lentils and experimenting with flavors.  During the conference Canadian Lentils had pre measured lentils in mason jars and a spice station with recipes and a chef on hand to assist you in making the best choices for your lentil creation.  I spent time putting together my Indian inspired and Creole inspired lentil recipes that I am waiting to cook.  (Video will be forthcoming).  I am looking forward to making and enjoying my lentil creations.  What are your favorite lentil creations?



Stay Blessed……..Stay Fabulous!