Brunch with BMOA


I recently had the pleasure of being invited to #BrunchwithBMOA at the new McDonald’s Headquarters in Chicago’s West Loop area.  It was a great behind the scenes tour which included an opportunity for me to work in their test kitchen! Not only were we able to experience the behind the scenes, we were also able to find out more about the work that #BMOA does in the Chicagoland community.  Just let me say that they do some amazing work.    That was an experience I will never forget.

The workspace is an awesome concept with no offices and a variety of different configurations and locations throughout the building for your to work.  What an awesome opportunity to have so many options when it comes to where you want to work when you want to.  There were lockers located throughout the building (for those who were wondering where you placed personal items).  There are 9 floors in the building including a rooftop bar, so there are a great deal of options available for where you can work.  For more about the workspace see the blog McDonalds Relocates their Headquarters.

The day started with food.  Of course it’s McDonald’s.  There were a variety of options available, from a concept sandwich sold in the UK with hash browns, bacon, egg and sausage on a tortilla, to yogurt parfaits and create your own McMuffins.  There was also juice and water.  Coffee was available at one of several drink stations located throughout the building.  Needless to say we ate well.  But that wasn’t it.

Another part of our tour was a meeting with one of the chef’s in the test kitchen.  We were able to see the layout of the McDonalds’s kitchen and then we were able to create a concept sandwich that is still in the development phase.  So technically we were product testers for a potential new menu item that may be in restaurants soon.

There were so many artifacts and memorabilia to see from the Happy Meal wall, which showcased every toy that was ever available in a Happy Meal, to the interactive displays.  There was also a historical area where we were able to experience some of McDonald’s first such as the First African American Owner/Operator, Herman Petty.  There is a McDonald’s restaurant on the first floor of the building which showcases global offerings on their menu.  The menu offerings change every three months.  This location also as a small private room for rent.

The tour was an exciting experience.  To go behind the scenes in one of the most recognized restaurants in the world was a pleasure.  I am thankful to the Black McDonald’s Owners Association for the opportunity as well as the swag.  More importantly for the ability to have the VIP behind the scenes experience.  Now to go back and try some of the items on the global menu.

Now in the next post I will share something I learned while on the tour.  How you can eat three meals at McDonald’s and remain under 1500 calories for the day.  Yes you can have McDonald’s all day and maybe not gain any weight.

Be Blessed, Be Fabulous!


Restaurant Week is Coming

If you live in or near Chicago (like I do), then you may or may not be aware that Restaurant week is coming.  This year Chicago Restaurant Week will be January 30-February 12.  as you can see this is a little more than a week.  This is a time of year when you can experience some of the best and finest dining and restaurants in the Chicago area for a fraction of the price.  Most restaurants during this week have a Prix Fixe Menu for lunch and dinner and offer several courses for a significantly reduced price.

chicaog restaurant week

This is the perfect opportunity to broaden your palate and allow your taste buds to live on the wild side.  I love the opportunity to experience different cuisine as well as different cultural offerings.  I am not that adventurous and won’t go too far off of the deep end but I do enjoy a great meal.  Restaurant week is the perfect opportunity to rekindle the romance, meet up with the girls or treat yourself to a meal by yourself. This is also the perfect opportunity (if dining with others) to mix and match and try what your friends may have ordered.


My friends and I have definitely taken advantage of the Chicago Restaurant Week offerings,  We have each picked places we wanted to go but for whatever reason never made it there.  The fact that your are 5 star dining on a 2 star budget helps. The surprising part for me was that most restaurants we chose were not crowded and the there was little So plan your night out, chooses what you want to eat and bon appetite!