Fall is the time of year where we begin to see the most drastic change in the environment around us.  The leaves are falling from the trees, the days are shorter and the air is cooler.  Fall definitely presents a season of great change for us each and every year.  This has caused me to think about the following questions, what are you falling into or what are you falling out of?

For me I am attempting to fall out of the pattern of living to please others.  It has taken me a long time to realize that in order to be successful with anything or anyone, I must be ok with me.  This is definitely a process since we are often taught that self care is selfish, which is one of the biggest lies in existence.  As professionals, as adults, as spouses/significant others, parents, children, employees or employers we often spend too much time trying to fix or do things for others when our own stuff is raggedy or undone or incomplete.  So this fall I am falling out of people pleasing and into self care.


I am also falling in love with the Ministry of No, as well as the ability to honor commitments to myself.  Far too often I have done what was best for others while my needs or wants went to the back burner.  Well this fall begins a new day a new paradigm a new me.  Gone are the times when I do what is right in spite of what I feel.  I am committed to honoring my feeling and my time and my desires.  They have been put on hold too long.

I love fall, not only because my birthday happens to come along in fall, but also because fall is a time to reflect, to let go, to discover, to rediscover, to heal, to let go and to try something new.  Fall is the time when things and maybe people are let go and space is made for what is to come.  I greet fall with arms open wide waiting to see what the universe and most importantly God has in store for me.  This fall will be no different.  I encourage you to examine what fall means to you and allow this to be a season of serenity, of change and freedom.  Welcome to fall!