Plus Size Promotion

Sound Off Sunday

This Sound off Sunday is all about the recent wins in the Plus Size industry.

It has been hard being Plus Size or Full Figured in this day and age.  There used to be a struggle to find clothes that were not only sized correctly, but that were also fashionable and trendy. I am pleased that all black is a thing of the past and that plus sized women now can find clothing options that suit their personality as well as their figure.  No matter where you fall in the discussion of Plus Size, lately Plus Sized women are all over the place.  Gracing the coveted cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit, the cover of Ebony,  and the fashion week shows in almost every major market.

I want to thank the media outlets for having the courage to go against the grain and cater to an often forgotten population.  I want to thank the Models:  Ashley Graham, Chrisette Michelle, Jazmine Sullivan, Gabi Fresh and Danielle Brooks.  You guys rock! There are also so many curvy pioneers that are too numerous to name.  I salute you all too!

The past few weeks have made me more proud than ever to be a part of the plus size/full figured community.  It is wonderful that people are finally starting to recognize that not all full figured women are unhealthy or morbidly obese.  There are just some curvy women in the world who wear their sizes well.  It has always amazed me how concerned people are with plus size/ full figured women but not concerned with women who are scarily thin (which is just as unhealthy).  Anyway I am happy of what the media has put out for us fuller figured women these past few weeks.