Good Habits


The best habit I ha e ever developed is the prayer.  Prayer has been one of the best and life changing habits I have developed in my life.  Prayer allows me the ability to vent, anytime, anyplace, and in any space.  I enjoy the conversations I have with God and the time we spend together.

Learning to pray was not always easy. Many people think that there is a specific formula and a method to praying, when it is really not.  Prayer is simply your exchange with the divine there is no formal way to do it or a right or wrong way.  I found that God and I often had our best and deepest conversations in the car on the way to work.  It was a great way to start the work day and provided me to spiritually and mentally prepare for the day ahead.

pray, faith, god

Prayer is the best habit I have cultivated and has definitely changed my life for the better.  Because of the pressure to pray the ‘right’ way it was hard to develop a prayer life. Releasing the need to please others or feel accepted by their definition of prayer has allowed me the ability to be free and open before God.  I have seen how prayer as helped and changed me in may good ways.  Writer Anne Lamott says the most profound prayers are:  Help… and Thank You.  I believe there is one more but I forgot it.  Here is to reminding you all that not all habits are bad and life has more in store.