Valentine’s Day for One


As we approach the day that has been designated as the day of the love, the day of couples, the day of togetherness many of us find ourselves single and without a date. If you were not able to capitalize on the flirting tips shared in last week’s blog, this week offers a few suggestions for those who are still single or for those who may have a significant other who has to work or who will be unavailable for the day. Here are a few simple suggestions on how to have a happy Valentine’s Day for one.
1. Treat yourself. What better day than the day of love to show some love to yourself. Buy yourself a Valentine’s Day gift. Send yourself a dozen roses, treat yourself to dinner. (If you have reservations about eating alone, order take out and go home and have a candlelight dinner for one.)

2. Consider a spa day. You may want to gather some of your single friends and spend the day being pampered at a spa. Enjoy the massage, facial, mani and pedi as well as the relaxation. You deserve it.

3. Retail therapy. Treat yourself to something you have been wanting to buy and putting it off. That bracelet or necklace or that pair of earrings. You don’t have to break the bank and you don’t have to wait for someone else to make the purchase for you. Though it may be nice to receive gifts, there is never any harm in buying a gift for yourself.

4. Make it a girls day or night in. If you want to be alone, curl up on the couch with your favorite chick flicks. Bridesmaids, Sex in the City, Something’s Got to Give, just to name a few. Or you can invite friends over and host a girls night in. Have each friend bring their favorite wine and sample over pizza or Chinese take-out.

These are just a few suggestions but the possibilities are endless. Valentine’s Day is just one day out of the year, but it is not a day that should be ignored because you are single. After all you have the best mate in the world YOU. Who knows you better than yourself? Who buys you gifts that do not have to be returned? Who knows exactly what size you wear and what your favorite color is? YOU. Instead of looking at what you don’t have make yourself the focus. Have a Wonderful Valentine’s Day and make this one the best one yet!


As Valentine’s Day approaches, many women may find themselves thinking about the who, what, when, where and why of the date?  Will I have a date?  Who will it be?  Where will I meet him?  The questions can be endless.  However, instead of sitting around waiting for the date to find you, why not take a little initiative and find the date.  Or better yet, why not just have a little fun, a little harmless flirting never hurt anyone.

Many women are afraid to flirt or make the first move.  If you are just against being assertive and are waiting for Prince Charming to come charging into your life you may be a little unrealistic.  As professional women, we often find ourselves in charge and making decisions and may want to wait for the chivalrous man to do the flirting but the reality is there is nothing wrong with taking a little initiative and making the first move.  Here are just a few tips..

Eye contact.                                                                                                               

Eye contact is extremely important.  You can have a conversation simply by batting the eyelashes or as Tyra Banks would say Smizing (Smiling with your eyes).  Don’t stare the man down, or look at him as if you are studying him to give details to a police sketch artist.  You want to be alert and ladylike, it doesn’t hurt if the makeup is right as well.  The right kind of eye contact can let the man know that you are interested and can give him the encouragement he needs to spark a conversation.


There is nothing wrong with smiling.  As a matter of fact I am learning to smile more myself.  When out in public what man would approach a woman who looks like she is smelling dirty laundry?  A smile can open the window to a thousand tomorrows.  Smiling can be an ice breaker and can make the other person feel comfortable.  Don’t be afraid to smile.  You should also pay attention to what you are doing when you are out and about.  A crowded grocery store after a long hard day at work may not put a smile on your face, however when the person in the produce section with you looks like he should be on the cover of GQ magazine, then smiling could be the start of something new and great.


Have you ever heard the saying “Attitude is everything”?  The same is true when it comes to flirting.  Just like a man would not approach a woman who looked as if she had a bad attitude, you should watch your attitude when you plan to flirt.  We need to be mindful to rid ourselves from the cares of the world and life and not take it out on everyone you meet.  That means leave the work stress at work and the family drama with the family.  Do not let your attitude be a deterrent to sparking a conversation with someone who could possibly be your next date.


Men love women they can talk to.  Who wants to go on a date and feel as if you would rather be home watching paint dry?  No one.  Make sure you have many topics in your tool chest.  You may not know a great deal about sports or who is playing in the Superbowl or the NBA finals but you can at least know who your local teams are.  Show an interest in what he does for a living.  Let him talk and be attentive when listening, this is flirting at its best.

These are just a few tips I am offering when it comes to flirting.  Try them out this week.  With Valentine’s Day around the corner who knows one of these tips may seal the deal and get you a date.  If not they make for great practice throughout the remainder of this year.  So here’s to happy flirting!