Waiting for What?


Many people spend time waiting for things to be ‘perfect’ before moving on to something else.  Married people wait, single people wait, parents wait, and grandparents wait. Things are often put off until the ‘perfect’ time, the perfect season the perfect financial situation, the perfect something.  While waiting life and time keeps on moving.  So my question this week is what are you waiting for?

 I have had several conversations with friends and family where people were waiting for the perfect time to do something.  Some people postponed going back to school, because of work or money. Some people postpone vacations because of lack of finances or not enough vacation time.  Some people are waiting to find the perfect mate or until the kids are out of the house.  My question is, ‘is there ever really a perfect time?’

 In my opinion there is never really a perfect time or perfect timing.  Time and life is filled with swift transition.  One day it is New Year’s Eve and then you look up and you are celebrating Memorial Day or the Fourth of July.  It just shows how quickly time passes us by.  What do we do to live the life of our dreams instead of waiting for the perfect time?

 Keep working toward your goals.  Do not let minor things get in the way of you accomplishing what you want to do.  These minor things may be other people, time, money or other responsibilities.  With the proper planning and preparation you can make things happen in your life.

 Remember to not bite off more than you can handle.  If you are planning to go on your dream vacation, plan, save, sacrifice and then go.  Be diligent about what you want and how to achieve your goals.  Take things one day at a time and make sure you tackle tasks in a manner that is comfortable for you.


Never say never.  Never seems so permanent.  Maybe begin to incorporate not right now into your vocabulary.  You never know what may happen and how your dreams may be just within your reach.

Be realistic.  It may take you five or ten years to make that trip to Paris.  That is fine.  Work within your limitations and do what you need to do in the meantime.  That may mean cutting back on the trips to the restaurants or the store purchasing the latest fashions.  Look at what you have and what you need to make your dreams happen and make an honest assessment.

 The moral of all this is to stop waiting.  Make plans to pursue your goals, dreams and desires and do not let anything or anyone stand in your way.  These things may take time, energy and a great deal of effort but anything worth having is worth working and fighting for.  You may have to take baby steps, but remember that “All things are possible”. 



Girl’s Night Out: The Remix

Girls Night Out

Traditionally, Girls night out has consisted of meeting at a club for cocktails, dinner, dinner and movie or some other routine behavior.  All of that behavior is so yesterday.  Today, Girls Night out can range from exploring your inner sex kitten to non-traditional spas to classes that embrace your inner gourmet.  Here are a few new ways to do a Girls Night Out.

Home Depot Girls Night Out

Home Depot has taken Girls Night Out to new levels.  The Do It Herself workshops provide an opportunity for women to really learn how to be handy around the house.  Not only will they teach you how to do a few handy things around the house, they do it with a group of women to remove the intimidation factor and allow you to embrace your inner DIY diva.  Classes range from how to lay a mosaic tile back splash to the proper way to paint.  Whatever you need to learn to get through your next home improvement project, the Do It Herself workshops are just the night you and your girls may need.

Pole Dance Night Out

Many fitness clubs and women centered health clubs offer pole dancing not only as a form of fitness but also as a way to find your inner goddess and channel your alter ego.  Many clubs will allow you to book a group rate to provide you and your friends the opportunity to take a class together and make it a girl’s night.  Many studios also offer chair dance classes as well.  What better way to relax with your girls after a long, hard week of work than to get together have a few drinks, put on your highest high heels and get your dance on.  The best thing is that you and your friends can laugh with and at each other and have fun and who knows you all may learn a few new tricks.  Check out places like FlirtyGirl Fitness, or Bombshell Movement Studio.

Shecky’s Girls Night Out

The ultimate girl’s night out on steroids, Shecky’s girl’s night out provides drinks, food, shopping and all things related to having a Girl’s Night Out.  Shecky’s produces these events several times a year in many large cities nationwide.  This is another great way to embrace a night out with the girls.

King Spa

The King Spa offers the best of Spa day and holistic rejuvenation.  King Spa offers classic spa treatments like massage and manicures but it also offers the opportunity to relax and unwind in the mineral pool, salt room, heat room and ice room.  The Spa offers the ability to sleep and rest as well as enjoy a movie in the theater.  Currently there are only two locations, Chicago and Dallas but I am sure that there are many other Spas in other states that offer the same type and scale of services.

Girls’s Night Out is not what it used to be.  Like on Sexy in the City and other shows that show the girls hanging out at the hottest club or newest restaurant, Girls Night is has stepped up a lot.  These suggestions offer just a glimpse of what more life has to offer for a Girls Night Out.  Girls don’t have to simply rely on eating and drinking.  We can learn how to be handy around the house, embrace our inner Diva, and have a healing spa day.  It is time for single women to embrace all of the new and exciting ways to enjoy Girl’s Night Out!