Resurrection Reflections


           Happy Easter Everyone!

This will not be a blog about Easter per se or the resurrection of Jesus or anything of that manner.  However, thinking about the Ressurection and why we celebrate Easter caused me to think about some things that as single, professional women we may need to resurrect.

Personal Lives

I know too many professional women who have given up their personal lives in pursuit of the degree or the promotion.  They burn the midnight oil, continue going when there is nothing left to give and the only thing they can think about is the next deadline or timeline or meeting.  When was the last time you went out to dinner, not necessarily with anyone else, you could treat yourself to a night at the fancy restaurant as opposed to take out?  What was the last movie you saw, not on Lifetime or Oxygen but in a theatre?  We can become so absorbed in trying to shatter the glass ceiling that we forget about things that once brought us a moment of peace and comfort or solace.  This may be an area in your life that needs resurrecting.


Many times because of our determination and drive to accomplish our next professional or educational goal, our friendships suffer.  While this is never intentional it happens.  At first you are pushing a deadline and forget to return a call or postpone a shopping trip or a night out.  Then before you know it time has morphed into a weeks or months when you haven’t talked or communicated with friends.  While some friends understand that this happens, others may feel some kind of way, but if they are true friends they should understand your hustle/struggle.  There will be times however when you have to take your face out of the books or business reports and make the phone call or send a card in the mail (I am convinced that people like to get things in the mail other than bills).  This may be an area in your life that needs resurrecting.

Love Life

For many single professional women, this is an area of our lives that is just completely dead.  Either we have given up, given in or just given out.  We have tried the friend fix-ups, blind dates, internet dating, happy hour only to still find ourselves single and looking or searching or confused about what we want and how to get there.  We have given up on love and have given up on worrying about the biological clock.  We are sick of being harassed at family gatherings and looking at love this and love that on television.  We refuse to hope.  This may be an area of your life that needs resurrecting.


This is an area we may take for granted.  When was your last checkup?  When was the last time you went to see a doctor because it was a routine and not because you were sick?  When was the last time you went to the gynecologist?  If you are getting older it is time to check on what preventative and diagnostic test you need at the certain age such as mammograms, colonoscopies etc.  How old are your glasses?  We get so busy with life that we put ourselves on the back burner.  Become a better steward of your temple.  This may be an area of your life that needs resurrecting.

While there are many areas of our lives that may need resurrecting this is just a few.  In this season of Spring and new growth and rejuvenation after a looooong winter, resurrecting some things may be just what is in order.  Remember that you do not have to do it all at once.  Focus on one area at a time, pick one thing that you truly want to work on and work it!  As professional women we have proven to ourselves and to the world that we can do great things, now it is time to begin enjoying some of the comforts that our accomplishments bring.


Types of Friends


We all have several types and categories of friends.  Single friends, married friends, guy friends and possibly, gay friends.  Some friends may overlap categories and some may only be in one category but undoubtedly we all have a variety of friends.  Here are a few categories of friends I have and what they mean to me.

Single friends.  These are the friends that you can count on when you need a night out or when you need to talk to someone in the middle of the night.  They are the ones you can go on a spur of the moment shopping trip with or even the impromptu weekend getaway.  They are the ones who can meet you at the bar after work for a drink or listen to you gush about your new boo or your worries over what the future may hold.  Your single friends may also share similar experiences such as dating, experimentation with internet dating, reproductive issues and concerns about living and navigating life as a single woman.

Married Friends.  Married friends can be some of your best relationship experts.  Especially those who have been married for an extended period of time.  They can be examples of what healthy relationships look like or they can be examples of what not to do in relationships.  Married friends can be the voice of reason when it comes to dating or couple situations.  Married friends can be great support systems and they can often be relied on for a great meal.  It is a good thing to have married friends as a part of your friend circle because they bring a rich and fresh perspective to an aspect of life we currently do not possess.

Guy Friends.  Guy friends are fun and they are also great listeners.  They can give you a great male perspective in the areas of dating and relationships and they make great companions.  They will often give you their honest, heartfelt opinions and they know how to deliver the opinions while at the same time remaining sensitive to your feelings.  They also heed the advice we give when it comes to their dating lives as well.  Guy friends can be as much fun to be around as your girlfriends and can be a refreshing male voice in the sea of singleness and single women we may find ourselves surrounded by.

Gay Friends.  Gay male friends can be the icing on the cake for single women.  They are the best of both worlds, a combination of your single girlfriends mixed with the male perspective. They are like a chocolate and vanilla swirl ice cream cone a little of each flavor.  Gay friend provide a fresh perspective on many areas of life and are THE BEST shopping companions.  They will tell you if your ass looks big in that dress while offering an alternative that make your look fabulous.  They are also the best friends to take on that trip to the makeup counter because they will make sure you leave looking just as fabulous as they do.

This is just a few examples of the types of friends we may have.  I value my friendships with all of my friends as I pray that they value my friendship as well.  I love the great flavor that they have added to my life.  Having the ability to share and grow because of my relationships with them allows me to become a better person.  And I am grateful and thankful what my friendships mean to me.