Easy High Protein Lunch

So it is no secret that in 2016 I had weight loss surgery.  And while I am still not at my goal weight, I have had to make a lifetime of adjustments to what and how I eat.  Most weigh loss doctors promote a high protein, low carb, low calorie diet.  So here is a quick and simple and filling lunch that you can make in less than 5 minutes.

Actually, there are only 2 ingredients.  How you dress it up is up to you.

Starkist Tuna Creations (18g of protein)

Boiled Egg (6g of protein)

I empty the Tuna Creation packet (I like Lemon Pepper and Spicy Thai the best).  Then I peel my eggs (normally I have 2) and slice them.  I like presentation, so I make it look pretty.  There is actually nothing else for you to do.

However I am hypertensive and I try to stay away from salt.  So what I do is experiment with spices.  When it comes to this particular lunch the tuna is packed with flavor, so I typically add paprika (for a hint of heat) and dried minced onion for a little crunch and a punch of flavor.  The minced onion also keeps the overpowering smell of onion at bay if you are making this at work for lunch.


Whatever flavor you like, just experiment with the flavors and see how you create a taste to your liking.

This simple recipe can also be eaten over a salad or with raw fresh veggies on the side.  It is very filling and more than anything else very flavorful.  I do not add mayo, relish or anything that I would add to a tuna salad.  Plain, simple easy and healthy.


If you try this recipe out let me know how you make yours.

Until Next Time!

Be Blessed, Be Fabulous



happy new year decorative plate

Welcome to 2019!  I know it has been awhile since I have written, but alas, Life.  So now that I have some time to sit down, refocus and get my -ish together, I’m BAAAACK! So I hope that every had a very happy, safe and fun holiday season.  Mine was amazingly relaxing.  I had almost the entire month of December off to rest, relax and rejuvenate.  It was well needed and well deserved.

So as we move into the new year, what are your plans for 2019.  New business?  New job?  Going back to school?  Spicing up your dating life?  What are you hoping to accomplish within this next year?

person writing on white book
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What is your word for the year to help you retain that focus and accountability.  My word is collaboration.  I want to see women entrepreneurs learn the value and worth of collaboration so that we can all succeed.  So I am signing out for now.  Look for more content and more of me.  I hope to see and hear from you as well.


Be Blessed, Be Fabulous!


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