My Day at Medieval Times

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If you have never been to Medieval Times, just know that it can be a great time for families or just a night out with your friends.  For me it was a combination of both, 5 adults and one 5 year old made their way to our local Medieval Times to enjoy the show and the food.



Upon entry into the Medieval Castle you are greeted with people dressed in Medieval gear, the royal Renaissance themed clothing, the swords the boots the capes, crowns and thrones, they are all there.  If you enjoy taking pictures there are plenty of photo ops throughout the space.  After you get your tickets and assigned to an area (more about that later) and given your crowns, you are able to take a group photo with the King of the evening.  Medieval Times staff will have your photo available for purchase before you leave the show.


After your Royal Photo is taken, you are moved into a staging area where there is a bar (for the adults) gift shops and further props for photos.  The props include thrones for you to capture your royal image as well as suits of armor on display.  There are also ancient maps and other images on the walls for your picture taking enjoyment.

Once the doors are opened, you are then escorted to your designated area within the arena.  The areas are color coded and you have the opportunity to cheer for the knight corresponding to your color.  The knights compete and have jousting events.  There is also an opportunity to see a beautiful display of horses and a trained eagle that flies around the arena.

During the performance you are served food, chicken, potatoes and corn as well as soft drinks and dessert.  One of my guest is a vegetarian and there was no issue with providing her a vegetarian selection.  Desert was ice cream with a caramel topping.  A decent meal to accompany the entertainment.


The show was great for people of all ages.  There was even a time during the performance that people were able to have the queen make announcements such as birthdays.  So it can be a great event to celebrate a child or other family members birthday.

Be Blessed, Be Fabulous!





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Welcome to 2019!  I know it has been awhile since I have written, but alas, Life.  So now that I have some time to sit down, refocus and get my -ish together, I’m BAAAACK! So I hope that every had a very happy, safe and fun holiday season.  Mine was amazingly relaxing.  I had almost the entire month of December off to rest, relax and rejuvenate.  It was well needed and well deserved.

So as we move into the new year, what are your plans for 2019.  New business?  New job?  Going back to school?  Spicing up your dating life?  What are you hoping to accomplish within this next year?

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What is your word for the year to help you retain that focus and accountability.  My word is collaboration.  I want to see women entrepreneurs learn the value and worth of collaboration so that we can all succeed.  So I am signing out for now.  Look for more content and more of me.  I hope to see and hear from you as well.


Be Blessed, Be Fabulous!


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