The Captain comes to Chicago

Recently I was able to hang out with Captain Morgan compliments of #chicagogrammers.  It was wonderful fall weather at Joy District and the event was held on their beautiful rooftop.  There was good music, great drinks and an amazing atmosphere.  The purpose of the event was to sample the new Captain Morgan fall flavor Apple Smash.  It was a good time with some really, really good drinks.


My favorite drink of the night was the Captain Morgan Apple Smash and Ginger ale.  The combination of the apple and ginger made for a tasty cocktail and a great choice for a fall adult beverage.  Below are some of the other drinks the mixologist prepared for the event.


One of my favorite things about the drinks were that they were served in little plastic green apples, a great way to introduce the concept while providing an visually appealing way to enjoy your cocktail.

What would a rooftop party be without food, music, a photo booth and a visit by the Captain himself?

IMG-2117So if you are looking for a way to spice up your fall event or holiday party, pick up some Captain Morgan Apple Smash.  Try it out with some of your favorite combinations, or serve it with some ginger ale for a refreshing, tasty and enjoyable beverage.

Be Blessed, Be Fabulous!


Advertisements Has You Covered


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Car shopping can be an exhausting experience.  I remember when purchasing my first car becoming physically sick after visiting a dealership where the salesperson attempted to take advantage of me by selling me the cheapest car at the highest price.  I unrealistically vowed at that time to never buy another car.  However with the advances in technology and the ability to do and buy just about anything online, car buying has become easier than ever.  I am thankful to sites such as for making the care buying experience so much better than my first car buying experience.


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