The Captain comes to Chicago

Recently I was able to hang out with Captain Morgan compliments of #chicagogrammers.  It was wonderful fall weather at Joy District and the event was held on their beautiful rooftop.  There was good music, great drinks and an amazing atmosphere.  The purpose of the event was to sample the new Captain Morgan fall flavor Apple Smash.  It was a good time with some really, really good drinks.


My favorite drink of the night was the Captain Morgan Apple Smash and Ginger ale.  The combination of the apple and ginger made for a tasty cocktail and a great choice for a fall adult beverage.  Below are some of the other drinks the mixologist prepared for the event.


One of my favorite things about the drinks were that they were served in little plastic green apples, a great way to introduce the concept while providing an visually appealing way to enjoy your cocktail.

What would a rooftop party be without food, music, a photo booth and a visit by the Captain himself?

IMG-2117So if you are looking for a way to spice up your fall event or holiday party, pick up some Captain Morgan Apple Smash.  Try it out with some of your favorite combinations, or serve it with some ginger ale for a refreshing, tasty and enjoyable beverage.

Be Blessed, Be Fabulous!


Birthday Sex

aahhfest4Ok, so now that I have your attention, no, this post is not about Birthday Sex, well not actually.  However I did see Jeremih this weekend and he did perform this song.  This past weekend was my birthday (Libra Season) and I spent my birthday at AAHH!Fest, a two day festival hosted and organized by Chicago’s own Common, to provide needed resources to Chicago’s communities.  Proceeds from the festival go to support the efforts of the Common Ground Foundation, Common’s Foundation, as well as Donda’s House, the foundation named in honor of the late Donda West, mother of Kanye.


The two day festival includes a community day where festival participants are treated to local talent and activities.  There was also food, games, heath information and a college and career area.  Local performers graced the stage and local youth were showcased.  This year there was a performance by Chance the Rapper, who actually hosted his own sold out event, Magnificent Coloring Day, later that day.  His dedication to support both events demonstrate the level of commitment artist have to Chicago and to improving the City and the neighborhoods within the City.

Vic Mensa


Sunday I was excited to see The Roots.  And I have to say they did not disappoint.  It was an awesome way to spend my birthday.  In addition to Jeremih, Vic Mensa, The Roots,  Bilal, Common, Ice Cube and J.Cole all performed.  There was even a surprise appearance by R. Kelly.  The show was hosted by comedians Deon Cole and Damon Williams who is know all over town for Funny First Saturdays.  There were also local DJ’s featured, such as Vince Adams, one of my favorites.

The weather was perfect, I even managed not to get eaten by any mosquitoes.  This was my first time attending the festival, however it will not be my last.  More than anything else I took away from the event, in the wake of the recent killings of innocent people over the past few years, the passion and the messages that many of the artists left us with.  The names of the victims were not forgotten.  Another thing that stood out for me was that Chicago was well represented.  The best and the brightest of the City let us know that they have not forgotten home.  That is the message that will resonate with me until the next festival.  There is no place like home!


Be Blessed!  Be Fabulous!