Groupon Greatness

This is a sponsored post.  All opinions are my own.


I am sure that everyone has heard of or used the Groupon.  Whether you have the app downloaded on your phone or tablet or whether you have the app set to update you when there is a sale on travel or other specific things you enjoy.  Whatever your reason for utilizing the Groupon app, there is some greatness to be found within the site.

Recently, while doing some housework, my vacuum cleaner began to make a strange noise.  Realizing that the machine may have outlived its usefulness, I was able to go to Groupon and search my options for replacements.  While everyone may not be in the market for a new vacuum, for those like me who find themselves there Groupon has you covered.  The Groupon Goods section provided an extensive list of machines, prices and specs that made my search for a new machine easy and manageable from home.

Groupon provided me the opportunity to shop from the comfort of my own home and to comparison shop without spending hours in the store lifting, bending and reading boxes in order to determine which machine was the right one for me.  This was a great help and a great service provided by Groupon.

So while you may not be in the market for a new vacuum cleaner, there may be something else you are in need of and I am sure that Groupon can help you find the items you want while also providing competitive pricing.  Groupon also delivers to your door so with that added convenience, you can never go wrong with Groupon.  Happy Shopping!


Stay Blessed, Stay Fabulous!



Missing Pieces



A few days ago I attended a bridal expo with my friends.  NO I AM NOT GETTING MARRIED.  I am the official/unofficial wedding planner and it was my job to accompany the bride and we went to see what the expo had to offer.  I love weddings and parties and the planning phase and all things girly, but there were a few things that struck me, or rather that bothered me during and after the expo was over.

The fist issue I had with the expo occurred during the fashion show portion of the expo.  My issue was that the models were not indicative of society.  All of the models were almost scarily thin, and while there were a wide range of brides present at the expo, the fashion show was only for the sample size brides and bridesmaids.  How unfair to the brides who were average size.  That really bothered me.


The second issue I had was that there was a lack of diversity at the expo.  I do not remember seeing not one minority vendor.  Not one.  I know for a fact that there are minority vendors who print invitations, provide photography services, bake, cater as well as dress brides and bridesmaids.  I know that these people and businesses exist.

It just bothered me that in this day and age, such a lack of diversity was present at the bridal expo.  I am not sure how the vendors were selected, who decided what fashions were going to be presented at the fashion show, but I have to admit that the more we walked through the expo the more displeased I was with what was represented.

I can also say that with those ideas in mind.  I will be taking action in the very near future in order to become the change I wish to see in the world.  Stay tuned, bigger and better is coming and there will be an opportunity for minority businesses to be represented and showcased in the very near future.


Be Blessed!  Be Fabulous!