New Things at Hyundai


There are new things going on at Hyundai.  Hyundai has always had a range of options when it comes to their vehicles, from compact cars to sedans and SUV’s Hyundai has a vehicle for everyone.  Later this year the 2018 Elantra GT will be for sale in the United States and I had the opportunity to preview this vehicle at the Chicago Auto Show a few days ago.  Hyundai has a lot of wonderful features in store for you with this vehicle.  Here are a few things I learned about the soon to be sold Hyundai Elantra GT.

This car is available in both the regular GT model as well s the sport model.  While I am not big on the technical specs of cars, the basic GT model has a 162horsepower engine while the sport model has a 201horsepower engine.  There is also more cargo space in the Elantra GT.  As a matter o fact the Elantra has more cargo space that similar vehicle of the same size and category. The Elantra GT is a comfortable vehicle that can be a great purchase for a single person or a mom on the go with several kids.

This car comes loaded with some amazing features such as remote start and internal and external heat features.  Living in the Midwest, I love any features in a car that involve heat and the Elantra does not disappoint in this area either, this model offers a heated side mirror feature.  There is also the ability to pair this device with your Amazon Alexa, which can allow you to control some of the features before you actually get into the vehicle.  There is also the moon roof feature available which makes the car feel much more room on the inside.


The 2018 Elantra will be on sale this summer.   Be on the lookout for more information about this vehicle and if you are in the market for a new car add this one to the list. In the meantime, the car, both models are on display at the Chicago Auto Show, where you can sit in the vehicles collect vehicle brochures and speak to Hyundai staff regarding all of the things that would make this car a great choice for you.


Stay Blessed! Stay Fabulous!




What’s Your Relationship Bar?


Recently, I have been having girl talk with several of my friends regarding their relationships.  We have all had those good, bad and indifferent relationships and as friends we have also shared our joy, fears and concerns.  Some of my friends are not quite sure what they want from their relationships, some friends have expressed fears such as a fear of being alone, while others are in a relationship and still feel lonely even though they are in a relationship.  All of these issues made my wonder does each person have a relationship bar?

Ok so what do I mean by relationship bar.  A relationship bar is the minimum requirements that you will accept in a relationship.  It is my opinion that as you grow and mature that you should raise the bar.  However for many people this may not be the case.

Relationship bars definitely vary from person to person and can also change according to what a person’s need and wants are for a relationship.  Some people may not have a relationship bar at all.  For some the bar can be their father, or just to opposite, someone who is the total opposite of their father.  For other women the bar could be set based on past relationships such as” I only want t be with someone who treats me better than my ex’, or it could be that they want someone who is just as good or equal to an ex (c0nsidering that it was a good relationship).


Whatever the case may be, setting a bar in a relationship can be helpful.  It can help you to determine if the person you are dating is a good fit.  A relationship bar can also help you to be clear about expectations in a relationship and help you to determine if a potential partner is right for you.  While definitely not a requirement, a relationship bar can save you from a lot of trouble, heartache and time.

Personally, it has been important for me to take some time in between relationships just to evaluate what lessons I may have learned, what lessons I may have failed and what ultimately worked and did not work for me during the relationship.  This is also my time to reevaluate my relationship criteria or my relationship bar and determine what I would like in a potential mate.  So my questions to my readers are….do you have a relationship bar and if so what is your relationship bar based on?


Be Blessed….Be Fabulous