Holiday Gifts Under $10

gifts under 10

So maybe you find yourself with a little more money to spend on gifts this year.  Maybe that bonus kicked in or you had more in your holiday club account (do they still do that)? Or maybe you are feeling a little more generous.  Whatever the case may be there is a little more in your budget than $5, so today’s guide will be for gifts under $10.

  1.  New York and Company Scarf and Glove Set $5.99 ( the person who always seems to loose their winter accessories, this is a great selection.  The sets come in a variety of colors as well as a variety of styles for the scarves.
  2. Soap and Glory Gift Set $7.99 ( and Glory Under $10What girl wants to go into the New Year with rough hands and feet?  Hopefully no one.  This Soap and Glory gift set will help them keep those hands and feet soft and smooth.
  3. H&M Pineapple Scented Candle $6.99 ( candle comes in the cutest ceramic jar with a lid.  For those of you who reuse items, I am sure this item can be reused once the candle is done.  This candle is a great addition to home or office décor and I am sure it will also be a topic of conversation.  It also comes in White.
  4. “With a Sparkle In Her Eye” Notebook $8.47 ( I said yesterday, every woman needs a cute, stylish and fancy journal.  Here is one from New York and Company and it is another budget friendly option.  A great journal to write down goals and dreams for the coming year, or an excellent option for a woman who bullet journals.
  5. Personalized Reusable Starbucks Inspired Mugs $10 (MamaCeeCeesCreations Etsy)StarbucksWe all know that one, or maybe more than one person who just has to have their Starbucks.  This is one way that they can make sure that the Barista doesn’t spell their name wrong or that no one else walks away with their drink (hopefully).
  6. Christmas Salts of the World $7.99 ( salts of the worldFor the foodie or cook in your life Target has a series of gift sets, one with salts of the world (in pic above) and the other is a series of preserves.  Either option would be a great choice for the foodie in your life.  Many foodie gifts can be quite expensive but this is a budget friendly option.
  7. Ear Bud Case $10 (

    As you can see this item is on Oprah’s Favorite Things List 2017.  A great option to carry your earbuds on a daily basis, an even greater way to carry your earbuds when you travel.  In a variety of colors as well as a few prints this is a great option for any of the tech savvy people in your life.

  8. Shea Moisture Gift Set $9.99 (

Shea Moisture has become a household name.  The Body Wash and Lotion gift sets come in a variety of scents and are available at Target.  A great way to gift a friend and/or coworker during this season.  Also available at a great price.

9.  Eye Glass Holder $7 (

glass holderSo if you have a friend like me who needs their glasses to see, and can never find them, this is a great gift.  Most of the time the glasses are on my forehead, but they often get placed around the house and within reach but out of sight.  This is a great idea for the friend like me who is always searching for their eyeglasses.

10.  Tea Canister Gift Set $5.99 (Target)

For the tea lover in your life how about a beautiful glass canister to collect the tea bags.  Target has these two option each of them accompanied with their own tea bags to get you started.

So again you see that Christmas shopping does not have to break your budget.  As a matter of fact, everyone on our list can have something that they will use and something that will suit their personality.  How wonderful to get someone a present that they will actually like and use and that won’t be in the White Elephant or Kwanzaa celebration.  Come back tomorrow for gifts under $15.  Happy Holidays and Happy Shopping.


Be Blessed!  Be Fabulous!



2017 Gifts Under $5

Under 5

The Holiday season is upon us and I am a firm believer that you don’t have to break the bank when it comes to shopping for loved ones or participating in the office or Facebook grab bag.  The Holidays have become a time of giving and receiving and far too often we overdue it and end up going into the New Year stressed because we maxed out all of our credit cards, or borrowed to make the a happy holiday.

For me the Holidays are more about making plans to be and do better in the next year, spending time with people I don’t get to spend ‘quality’ time with during the year, and to just sit back relax drink hot chocolate with marshmallows or hot apple cider and enjoy those who I love.

However I think we all find ourselves giving or wanting to give, even if it is just a small token of appreciation to those who mean something to us.  I love giving gifts just to brighten someone’s day and to lift the spirit of those who may struggle during this time of year.  So this year I have created a series of gift guides for the budget conscious holiday shopper.  Come back everyday over the next week to see what I have come up with.  There are some great, affordable options available.  Here we go…

  1.  Miss A Makeup Bags  $1 (

So I came across this website They have THE CUTEST makeup bags. Actually they have a LOT of cute items on their website and the best thing….. most items start at $1. Holiday shopping doesn’t get any better than a cute, trendy, makeup bag for $1.  There are literally many styles to choose from.  These were just some of my favorites.  Ad as you can see they bags can hold quite a bit of your daily makeup items.

2.  Grass Blade Pen Set $4.99 ( link here)

Grass blade pen

For the person who likes unusual gifts, or the nature lover, these grass blade pens would be a great addition to any office or home office.  You can find your own decorative holder to store your pens, but this is definitely not your average Christmas gift.

3.  Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate Gift Set $4.99 (

Swiss Miss Under 5

What better way to spend the Most Wonderful Time of the Year, than with some Hot Chocolate.  This Hot Chocolate set comes in a variety of flavors and each tin contains 6 individual packets of Hot Chocolate.  Why not help someone experiment with a different flavor, such as the Caramel Cream (pictured above).

4.    Burts Bee’s Gift Set $4.99 (

Burts Bees Under 5

We all need extra protection for our lips and hands this time of the year and Burt’s Bee’s is a trusted brand to help with just that.  This is also a great time to find Burt’s Bee’s in gift sets at a somewhat lower price than usual.  Who doesn’t need any lip balm or lotion this time of the year?

5.  Beauty Blender Holder $1 (

Blender holder

For the makeup lover you know, this holder for your beauty blender is the a great way to store the tool during makeup application.  A great way to keep foundation and other beauty products off of your countertops and towels, this tool is a great way to keep your beauty blender within reach.

6.  Multi Tool Key Chain $1-$4.99 ( here and here)

While not the most glamorous gifts on the list, every girl needs some tools in her life.  You never know when you may need a screwdriver or better yet a bottle opener.  Even if you don’t have this item attached to your key ring, (it’s not that fashionable) it is still a great item to have in your home or in your car.  So why not buy one for yourself and for a friend.

7.  Sunglass Case $1 (


Who doesn’t like nice cases to keep their sunglasses in?  If you are like me with waaayyyy too many pairs of sunglasses a cute fashionable case to throw in your purse or work bag would make a great gift.  Again, Miss A has all of your cute, low cost accessories which also make great gifts.

8.  Multi Tool Pen $4 (

copper penFor the business professional or the person who likes collecting unusual pens, this would be a great gift. Also great for the handy person this tool includes a level and a screwdriver.  This could be a great option for a dad or significant other as well.   How handy, and its cute.

9.  West Elm Glass Bud Vases $4 (


A great addition to a home or office, these recycled glass bud vases from West Elm offer a nice touch to a space.  Great for a grab bag, holiday exchange or co-worker, this is an excellent gift that won’t break the budget.

10. Words to Love By Notebook $5 (


I love pretty journals and notebooks.  No list of mine would be complete without one.  Here is a nice beautiful journal from Ulta.  Great for the glam girl on your list who loves to write things down.

The holidays do not have to be a time where you stress about spending.  You can purchase amazing gifts without breaking the budget.  I hope this guide helps you to see that.  These items can be given as gifts individually or purchased in a grouping to provide a nice holiday gift basket or gift grouping.  Stay tuned tomorrow for gifts under $10.  Happy Holidays and Happy Shopping!


Be Blessed! Be Fabulous!