What’s New Wednesday

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In this edition of What’s New Wednesday I would like to share my review of a play I went to see last weekend.  For Her as a Piano is a moving story that covers three generations of African American women.  Written by Nambi E. Kelley and directed by Ilesa Duncan, the all female cast takes you on a journey of what happens when you are able to go back in time and revisit the lives of your mother and grandmother (most of us would love to be able to do this).


On a journey to place the pieces of her life together, the main character is guided by Piano, through the tumultuous childhood and coming of age of both her mother and grandmother.  This journey helps Sarah, the main character to understand some of the generational issues that were perpetuated by and upon the matriarchs of her family.

A moving production with powerful music, phenomenal acting and moving dialogue, this is a recommended production for those in the Chicago area.  Nambi E. Kelley tells a dynamic, relatable story that not only hit home with me but a story that I know would resonate with many other women I know.  The acting takes you on an emotional rollercoaster as the characters navigate multiple roles as well as multiple phases in their lives, sometimes this is done in one scene.


As a first time visitor to the Pegasus theater, I believe that this production set the bar high for anything else I would go to see at the theater.  It also underscored the fact that the actresses in this play were all masterful in their own right and gave each of the characters they played a depth and relatability that can be lost in many dramatic productions.  This is a highly recommended, Girls Night Out play which will be accompanied by great conversation about your lives and how they intersect or parallel the lives of your matriarchs.