An African City


So recently I came across a new show (maybe just new to me) named an African City.  An African City is a show about 5 women from different countries in African that have all returned from the US or London to start new lives in Ghana.  The show chronicles the lives, careers, relationships of these five friends who share their candid journeys on the show.

There are issues that come up in the show that many of us are faced with, buying real estate, natural hair, seeing the one that got away and contemporary issues that are faced on the continent.  The women are frank, fashionable friends and fabulous.  The show also showcases the wonderful fashion that the continent of Africa has to offer.


I really enjoy the fact that the episodes highlight issues that happen in Africa and that are also happening in America.  There is an episode that addresses the AIDS epidemic on the continent and I feel that the way the writers dealt with the issue was excellent.  There were other issues that came up such as when you see your ex with his new boo, or when you first come back home and end up at your parent’s house.  While not as serious as the AIDS issue, definitely issues that some of us has faced as we come of age.

I binged watched Season 1 and cannot wait for Season 2 to come out.  The show is on You Tube or online at