The Journey Continues….


My research post was about how I came up with my research topic for my dissertation.  Once I began compiling my research and my statistics, all of the information was leading to information overload for me.  While, I did not know much about blogging, I felt that starting a blog could help me begin to process the tons of information that was coming in.

This is how This Single Sole came into being.  I made a generic introductory video about all of these great ideas I had to make This Single Sole into a community, however that hasn’t happened yet.  (Stay tuned).  But it has been a fantastic creative outlet.  As much as I learned about single, professional African American women, I learned about blogging.  Blogging has provided much more than a creative outlet.  It has opened up an entirely different world for me.  Now that my educational journey has come to an end, it is time to really embrace the world of blogging and time to make my blog everything I desire for it to be.

Look out for what’s to come!

Stay Blessed, Stay Fabulous!