Financial Freedom


Many people do not like to talk about finances.  It is often the pink, polka dot elephant in the middle of the room.  I for one admit that I have made many financial mistakes in my life, some that I am still paying for.  Others have been hard lessons.  The reality of the situation is that you always have time to change until you are dead.

I never had anyone teach me about finances as I was growing up.  It was as if things miraculously appeared.  There were never an times when I was aware of struggle, there was always dinner and for me, a picky eater there was often options as far as food was concern.  I got new clothes every summer and every fall, and other wants in between.  As a child there was no real talk of allowance or saving or lessons on the value of a dollar or the blood, sweat and tears that it took to make said dollar.

What happened is that when I got my first job, I spent like there was a card in my wallet with an unlimited balance.  I often ignored bills and the collection calls.  I did not care and I was not concerned I had no idea about credit or its power and at that point I did not care.  When I purchased my first car I had no credit, the interest rate was a little high, but I figured I got the car, so what?  It was a downhill spiral from there.

financial freedom

Fast forward to now.  I am still learning, I am still growing.  I am still fighting to repair what I damaged all those years ago.  So that leads me to today’s topic of financial freedom, what does that look like for me?  I means that I would be debt free, I would be able to do more with less planning and it would eliminate the need for me to at times rob both Peter and Paul to make ends meet.  Financial freedom would also give me peace of mind and eliminate the anxiety and worry that comes with financial worry.

As I work to eliminate my financial worry, I do know that there is hope and that I can do it.  Once a former compulsive shopper, I do know that change is possible.  I do know that there is light at the end of the tunnel and that there is hope just around the corner.  I also know that I am not alone.  I declare today that I will find financial freedom and that I will work even harder than I have been to get there.