What’s New Wednesday

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There is so much going on.  A new year, a new motto, a new saying.  The weather in Chicago changed, it finally got cold.  But I suppose that was to be expected.  So for those of you who don’t know,  I decided that 2016 would be my Year of Yes.  I still need to read the book, (thanks Shonda Rhimes), and I still have a lot to wrap my mind around.  I also decided to select a theme song for the year “Happy Feelings” by Frankie Beverly and Maze.  There is something about this song and these lyrics that transport you to a truly happy place. and place where you are in love, in tour with life and you can feel the light of the world surrounding you.

I realize I have spent too much time worrying about how things will work out and being practical about how to make this happen or how to make that happen.  I realize that I have been afraid to succeed and in many instances have sabotaged my growth because of that fear.  So this year in saying YES, I am saying F— fear.  I am saying YES to life, to growth, to development, to opportunity and to all of the things I have held myself back from.


I also have some uncompleted projects and some new things on the horizon.  I have made some major decisions and I will be making some major life changes.  I will be taking my followers along on the journey.  Thing that were once not a priority in my life will now become a priority.  I plan to make this an awesome year.  What’s New this Wednesday?  My attitude and my outlook.

There are so many new and exciting opportunities coming my way.  I have opened my heart and my mind to stop allowing what I am afraid of to keep me from where God wants me to go.  I am looking forward to growing. What are you looking forward to?


Stay Fabulous and Stay Blessed