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I can see why Sofia Vegara broke up with her barista.  First let me say that at #BlogHerFood15, I had the opportunity to try the N#inja Coffee Bar and use it at the booth to see what features the machine had to offer.  So when I was contacted by the company to try the machine at home I was thrilled.

Ninja box

As a professional woman, I have come to rely on coffee.  There are times when tea comes into play, normally at night, but most of the time to start my day coffee is my go to drink.  Normally, it is from the cafeteria at work or one of those stores that specialize in coffee you know the one that sell donuts or the one recently embroiled in controversy over their holiday cups, on it could be instant. Recently I had the opportunity to try the #Ninja Coffee Bar, let me just say that this is one post that will have sequels. 

Let me say I received the machine the day before Thanksgiving so I waited for a few days before I took the machine out of the box.  Once I eliminated the old coffee machine, I made space on the counter top to accommodate the machine and to my surprise it did not take up more space than my old coffee maker.  Once out I was shocked to see that the machine came with a book.  I knew from my experience at #BlogHerFood15, that there were some amazing features, such as hot and iced tea and coffee and the ability to add froth to your drinks.


Now I have not tried the frother yet, however I will and I will include pictures as well.  But let me say that for the coffee or tea lover in you house, this machine may make them break up with the chain coffee shops.  There are so many options you have such as making sure that the coffee does not get weak when you make it over ice.  So you still have your strong coffee even though it is cold.  I love the fact that #Ninja made it easy to make one cup or make a pot.  They included their own measuring spoons to help you determine how to much or how little to brew.  What an amazing feature.  There is also a drop down shelf that accommodates a single coffee mug which is also another great feature.

This machine has me excited about coffee at home.  Speaking from a person who would sometimes go the route of instant coffee on weekends, this machine is a game changer.  I can brew my cup and keep moving.  It is also easy to clean.  While I am not applying for a job as a barista, I do believe I will save money since now I can make my own gourmet or semi-gourmet brew in my own home.  I cannot wait to try some of the recipes in the booklet that came along with the machine.  And just in time for Christmas, the #Ninja Coffee Bar will make a great Christmas present for the coffee or tea lover in your life.

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