Wrapping Up

Sound Off Sunday

This is the last Sunday of the year and a perfect time to Sound Off.  This has been a year of personal ups and downs for me, but it has been a great year for This Single Sole.  The blog continues to grow daily and my social media following is also growing.  What a great testimony for the end of the year.  I am happy that I had the opportunity to experience some great events, meet some great people and make some new connections and friendships.

As we move into a new year, look for major changes in the This Single Sole community.  We are in the process of completing a total revamping of the blog.  From the logo to the focus.  Don’t worry, you will still see the same amazing content and more great content, but look for This Single Sole to move into a new space, a space that provides a better fit not only for the blog but for the creator as well.

As we rap up 2015, I am thankful for the new opportunity as well as the campaigns that came my way.  I look forward to expanding these partnerships as well as developing new partnerships as we move into 2016.  As we put the final touches on the Makeover of the blog expect BIG things in the coming year.

It is my sincere prayer that everyone looks forward to new and exciting things in the coming year and that 2016 will be the best year ever!  Stay tuned.


Honeywell Console Humidifier


Recently, I received a Honeywell Console Humidifier.  Due to the fact that it gets extremely warm and stuff in my house, this was a welcome gift.  I had been using be regular unnamed humidifier, since my previous humidifier almost caught fire a year ago, and I can say that it often a bit much to keep it operating and to remember to unplug it when I leave home.

Honeywell has saved me from that.  I love this Humidifier.  I must admit that I was quite intimidated when I opened the box to find out that it was a lot larger than most humidifiers you see in the stores.  It also took me a few days to read the manual and figure out that it is really 4 separate pieces (two water reservoirs, the base and the actual operating fan).  After a few placement issues I finally got it operational.

First of all with the two water reservoirs, you do not have to fill it often.  There is also a cool mist that helps to control the humidity.  The most important and best feature in my opinion is the power control, so I can switch it off and not worry about unplugging.  Another great feature is the automatic shut off.  When the room gets to the desired humidity, (oh did I mention that there is a gauge on the machine that regulates how much or how little humidity you want to add) the machine automatically shuts off?   There are also lights to show when the machine is out of water and when it is working well.  It has been a welcome addition to my home and I would recommend it for those who need a humidifier in there home.