Love with Food

During my time at BlogHer15, we were introduced to different vendors throughout the entire conference.  One of the vendors I was able to meet and talk too was a healthy subscription box company called Love With Food.  During the conference we were also able to learn a lot more about the company during The Pitch.

Instead of wondering what you are going to snack on and choosing the fattening, unhealthy options, why not allow Love With Food send you a wonderful box of snack each month.  And for those who want to start the New Year off with a healthy eating plan, why wait.  You can sign up with Love with Food and be on the road to your healthy lifestyle.

The snack are healthy, easy to put into a purse, lunch bag or work tote and can be enjoyed anywhere.  So for those of you who wish to give this a try, Love with Food is offering deals for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  Get your box now.

Here is what Love with Food has for you:

WHAT’S THE SALE for BlackFriday and CyberMonday?

  • All snack subscriptions are 15% off, including gift subscriptions.
  • For snack subscriptions above $30, 2 year subscription to Rachael Ray magazine is included AND $100 worth of gift cards to HelloFresh, ClubW and more.
  • When you purchase $100 worth of snacks/gift from our Snack Shop, you’ll get a FREE bonus snack box worth $25 AND additional 15% off the entire purchase with code TODAY15.
Click here to sign up and place your order: