Sound Off Sunday




Sound Off Sunday

Well Winter has finally arrived.  I do not know whether I am happy or sad.  I guess the sooner it starts the sooner it will be over, but we had been enjoying some great weather in the Chicago area.  So the 60 degree days are gone and now it is time to pull out the boots, coat, hats and gloves.



I know the pictures look dark and gloomy and that was an accurate depiction of what outside was like.  Fortunately, once I got out there in the snow, driving was not as bad as I thought it might be.  So where was I going?  I had a new appointment with a new fantastic nail artist.


Elevate Day Spa

I was recently referred to Elevate Day Spa for my manicures.  I love it.  Danielle, the owner is phenomenal..  She was professional, the space is beautiful and she did not have 5-6 clients waiting.  She was attentive, timely and helpful throughout the process.  I will definitely be returning in two weeks.

The manicure came out awesome!  I love the color and I also love how my nails feel.  I have been having trouble with my nails chipping and breaking and being too soft.  Now my nails feel strong and I am not having the irritation that I was having from going to my other nail salons.  I am thankful to Lisa Paige for the referral to Danielle.