Sound Off Sunday

Sound Off Sunday

This past weekend was amazing!  My weekend started on Thursday afternoon with a Fall Tasting at Sullivan’s Steakhouse in Naperville (you will hear more about that soon).  Thanks Beth from  Both the food, cocktails and the company were amazing.  Not only did we enjoy the outing, Beth and Sullivan’s gave great parting gifts.



Thursday even was the eve of BlogHerFood15, which was held at the Hyatt Regency Chicago here in Chicago and I was invited to a tasting sponsored by Canadian Lentils at the Little Goat.  At the Little Goat, we were treat to appetizers, a buffet and deserts that were all made using Lentils.


Friday and Saturday were spent at BlogHer food.  What I found most amazing was that everyone kept saying the conference this weekend was small compared to their annual conference BlogHer.  So now I cannot wait to go to the next annual conference in Los Angeles next year.  The information shared during this weekend was invaluable and I cannot wait until I have an opportunity to use what I have learned to make this blog, bigger, better and brilliant.

Look for more post about the dinner at the Little Goat, Sullivan’s Fall Tasting as well as BlogHer Food.  I have so much to blog about.  Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!