Sound Off Sunday

Sound Off Sunday

So in this edition of Sound off Sunday, my focus is all about new beginnings.  I have been in a period of renewal this weekend, sort of fall cleaning instead of spring cleaning.  I have had some recent and significant changes to my household and my living situation and this is my opportunity to reclaim my space in the manner in which I now want it do.  As Fantasia said “I’m doing Me!” and I am proud to say I am happy about it.

I also want to sound off about cowards.  I went to a comedy show last night and the comedian was making a joke about the Wizard of Oz which happens to be one of my favorite movies.  He was talking about how the Lion, the King of the Jungle, was the biggest coward of the bunch.  I find it amazing that often the biggest, loudest and most brazen people are really cowards deep inside.  If only they would embrace courage just as the Lion did in the Wizard of Oz, there maybe so much more in store for them than what they have chosen to settle for.

I am proclaiming that this week will be a phenomenal week, full of new mercies, unmerited favor and great blessings.  I am headed out this week to check out a new play debuting in the city and I am excited for one of the cast members that I know personally,  I wish her and the play tremendous success.

What are you sounding off on this Sunday.

Wishing you all a productive, Soleful, week……


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My name is Sharice and I am the creative visionary behind This Single Sole. I started this blog in 2014 while working on my dissertation examining the lives of Single, Professional Women. My work focused on Single Professional women being the subjects of their own stories as opposed to the objects of media and other scrutiny. This Single Sole is a not just a blog for single professional women, it is a community where all are welcome and where anyone is encouraged to join the discussion. It is my sincere hope that everyone enjoys the content and that everyone feels open to participate. This Single Sole is evolving. We are now more focused on the Lifestyle of the single, professional woman and all things related to that life whether it is food, fashion or fun. There will be a lot of great things to discover as you navigate your way through this blog. For campaigns or contact information please email We look forward to working with you!

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