Today, I celebrate another year on this earth.  I am thankful that I made it to this point in life and I am thankful for all of the experiences I have had.  More importantly I look forward to what is to come.  The future is extremely bright and I am head into it with my shades on.

growig up

I have been talking the past few weeks about some major changes to the blog.  I have decided to step up my posting and to include some other aspects of my life.  So starting next week I will be introducing two new features:  What’s New Wednesday and Sound Off Sunday.  So what in the world am I talking about?  Well I am glad you asked.

Each Wednesday I will offer a review of a product, service or place of business.  It will be an opportunity for me to share some of my life with my readers.  I have been given products to review and have been invited to experience and I want to share that with my readers.

Sound off Sunday will be an opportunity for all of This Single Sole’s community to sound off on what they want to as we head into the new week.  I am so excited for what these two avenues will bring to the This Single Sole community and I look forward to everyone participating and sharing.



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My name is Sharice and I am the creative visionary behind This Single Sole. I started this blog in 2014 while working on my dissertation examining the lives of Single, Professional Women. My work focused on Single Professional women being the subjects of their own stories as opposed to the objects of media and other scrutiny. This Single Sole is a not just a blog for single professional women, it is a community where all are welcome and where anyone is encouraged to join the discussion. It is my sincere hope that everyone enjoys the content and that everyone feels open to participate. This Single Sole is evolving. We are now more focused on the Lifestyle of the single, professional woman and all things related to that life whether it is food, fashion or fun. There will be a lot of great things to discover as you navigate your way through this blog. For campaigns or contact information please email We look forward to working with you!

4 thoughts on “Growth”

  1. i love reviews and exploring new places. Sounds like you’ve got some great things happening! Sound off Sunday sounds fun, I bet a lot of us will be sounding off about how much we dread Monday! I’ve been trying to change my Monday madness into something positive though. I’ve realized that Monday’s aren’t really that bad after all. Congrats on your new journey!

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