The past few weeks have been trying.  It has taken me a while to wrap my mind around all that has been going on in and around me.  No matter what your platform may be, there are times when you must stop.reflect.comment.breathe.pray (not necessarily in that order).  This is my recap of what has been going on around us lately.  I apologize in advance, this may be a long post.

For the past few years, we have watched as countless young men are harassed, harangued and murdered by their peers and the police.  Living in Chicago,  it is disheartening to see, the reports each and every Monday about how many people have been hurt or killed over the weekend.  It even appears that mother nature is watching because we have yet to truly have summer weather and people have been faring that the crime will be worst when the weather gets hot.  We are constantly trying to remember that #BLACKLIVESMATTER.  But really, do they?


This brings me to the recent events in Charleston where nine (9) innocent people we murdered senselessly during a Bible study.  In countless Black churches across America, on Wednesday nights, believers gather to “Hear a Word from the Lord”, while embracing a total stranger, little did those saints know that they would be offering the ultimate sacrifice that night.  Why were they murdered, because of the color of their skin.  How many years ago did Dr. King pray for a place where the color of our skin would not be the manner in which we were judged?  Yet still we are waiting for this day to come.


Now the Supreme Court ruling.  Another HUGE topic of debate and further divisiveness.  Dr. King asked to be judged on the content of their character.  Many have taken this ‘judgement’ too far to include who we love and who we choose to spend our lives with.  Ultimately, God should be the only judge.  Yet we want to debate what the Bible says and debate who is wrong and who is right and who needs to repent and who is a sinner.  My Bible tells me that my thoughts and God’s thoughts are so far apart from each other that it is inconceivable for me to even try to understand how God reasons.  Not to mention that the Bible was canonized by humans,  changed and translated throughout generations, some books were even left out and while it is and was inspired by God could it be that as often happens, humans took some liberty?   I’m just saying there could be some fallacy in what has been given to us.  But more importantly, if everyone was focused on their own lives and minding their own business, this would never have been an issue that required litigious solutions.


These are just some of the things that have been on my mind.  While it is wonderful to write about whatever we choose, there are times when you have to pause to make a public service announcement or when you have to address human issues and human rights issues.  This is my time.  There are times when life gets in the way and when you just have to pause and let people know that you are not living with your head in the clouds or up your ass.  Life is what happens when you are busy living.  These are in fact the days of our lives.