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be good to yourself

A recent conversation with my female co-workers moved to the topic of what we do to care for ourselves.  One co-worker was preparing to get her first bikini wax for her new husband.  While there is absolutely nothing wrong with that we got into the conversation about grooming and it made me wonder what do we do for ourselves,  not for our partners, our children or others.  What do we do to care for ourselves.

I know that when I was celibate I got my first and only bikini wax.  No one told me to not wear jeans, and no one told me to prepare for hours of throbbing.  While the pain subsided I was very aware of the fact that something happened.  But I did it for me.  There was not the big date, the new spouse or the anticipation of what was to come.  It was simply something I wanted to try and something I wanted to do for myself.

Other than that experience, my self care practices have always been apart of my regular routine.  Whether it be going to the spa several times a year (I try for quarterly) or whether it is the bi-weekly trip to the nail salon for the mani-pedi, I try to take those moments away from everything to enjoy myself and to get some respite from the day to day grind that life brings.  Now those are thing that I do that cost money.

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I love baths.  There is nothing like lounging in the hot tub either by candle light or with a good book.  Or maybe it is a bath with a glass of wine or essential oils.  Maybe it is an old school bath with bubbles or epsom salts.  Whatever type of bath it may be there is nothing that can take the edge off like a hot bath. Another thing that can be done at home is an evening cup of tea. I keep a variety of flavored teas in my house.  Some nights after a long day, there is nothing like grabbing my favorite mug and selecting the flavor of tea I wish to indulge in for the evening.  The most important thing I do for my self is prayer and meditation.  This is something that can be done anywhere, anytime, just take the time to get still and to spend that quality, quiet time with yourself and your higher power.


No matter what you do or how you do it, it is important to be good to yourself.  It is important to make the time and do something for yourself.  It is important to practice self-care because it is important for your mental, emotional and physical well being.  Self care is not a selfish practice, it is more about self love and recharging so you have more to give.  Loving yourself is the best you can do before loving anything else.  So the next time you have a hard day or the next time you are feeling stressed, think about what you can do to give the best care for yourself.

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