What Is Your Dream?


Today is the day we celebrate the life, legacy and work of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  Many people dedicate this day to service and to doing for others.  This is a great way to celebrate what Dr. King accomplished.  But my question is “What is Your Dream?”

Many of us like Dr. King have been considered dreamers.  Whether it was the little girl dreaming of her prince charming and the big wedding, or the little boy who dreamt that he would be the next Michael Jordon or Kobe Bryant, we all had dreams.  As we aged and started to live, work, pay bills and all that other grown up stuff, some of us forgot about our dreams.  So I ask again what is your dream?


In the movie Pretty Woman, the movie ends when the guy gets the girl or the girl gets the guy and they leave to live life happily ever after.  The radio announcer at the end of the movie asks this same question, What is Your Dream?   The character in Pretty Woman got her fairytale ending and was able to realize her dreams, but how many of us are able to realize our dreams?

Personally, I still have a little ways to go in realizing all of my dreams.  Yes I have achieved some, but even as I age there are more to go.  My message to all on the Dr. King holiday…Keep Dreaming! Keep allowing God to work on you, in you and through you until you reach your dreams.  Do not be afraid to be a dreamer and a doer.  Remember faith without works does not exist.  Keep reaching for your dreams as I keep reaching for mine.  They can and will come true.