Restaurant Week is Coming

If you live in or near Chicago (like I do), then you may or may not be aware that Restaurant week is coming.  This year Chicago Restaurant Week will be January 30-February 12.  as you can see this is a little more than a week.  This is a time of year when you can experience some of the best and finest dining and restaurants in the Chicago area for a fraction of the price.  Most restaurants during this week have a Prix Fixe Menu for lunch and dinner and offer several courses for a significantly reduced price.

chicaog restaurant week

This is the perfect opportunity to broaden your palate and allow your taste buds to live on the wild side.  I love the opportunity to experience different cuisine as well as different cultural offerings.  I am not that adventurous and won’t go too far off of the deep end but I do enjoy a great meal.  Restaurant week is the perfect opportunity to rekindle the romance, meet up with the girls or treat yourself to a meal by yourself. This is also the perfect opportunity (if dining with others) to mix and match and try what your friends may have ordered.


My friends and I have definitely taken advantage of the Chicago Restaurant Week offerings,  We have each picked places we wanted to go but for whatever reason never made it there.  The fact that your are 5 star dining on a 2 star budget helps. The surprising part for me was that most restaurants we chose were not crowded and the there was little So plan your night out, chooses what you want to eat and bon appetite!