For those of you who are wrestling fans you are familiar with this phrase.  That is what my life has become.  Eat, sleep, conquer whatever the task is at hand and repeat.  Repetition is a part of the plan but not with the same thing, Conquer means insert latest project, item or duty here.  There are many things that need to be conquered whether it be housework, schoolwork, blogging or family responsibilities.  What makes me happy is that my life may be busy but I can never say that it is dull or boring.

The only things that are seriously repetitious are Monday and Friday stay in date nights where we watch WWE and eat our favorite comfort foods.  Other than that we take life as life comes and deal with the issues and Eat.Sleep.Conquer.Repeat.

What is evident is that life is ever changing.  There will always be things that need to be done and things that need to be accomplished.  Life requires that we keep it moving and move on to the next thing.  When we get stuck or find ourselves in habitual existence, we are cheating ourselves from all that life has to offer us.  My advice is that you conquer one task at a time and then move forward to the next adventure life has in store for you.  Eat..Sleep..Conquer…Repeat!