Successful Resolutions

I do not remember a time when I was successful at keeping a New Years Resolution.  What I do remember more than anything else is disappointing myself because my big plans and big dreams dissipated well before they had a chance to get off the ground.  I cannot remember a time when the New Year brought a serious time for change.

I am more successful during the season of Lent.  Maybe because it is 40 days and maybe because of the religious connotation behind the sacrifice.  However what I do during Lent is to take on something I may need to improve my life.  I have given up meat for forty days.  It took a lot of work and creativity but I survived.  I also felt as if I had accomplished something good.  I believe it was more about the conscious thought that there was nothing that I could give up or take on that was worth more than what Christ did.

So do I normally keep resolutions?  The answer is no.  Can I remember a time when I was successful at keeping a New Years Resolution?  No.  Do I encourage those with the discipline and dedication necessary to make and keep resolutions?   Absolutely.  However don’t ask me about my resolutions because I have none to share.