The Joys of Therapy


Recently, I embarked on what I think will be one of the most important journeys of my life.  This journey was into the office of a Therapist.  While I am completing a doctorate in Counseling Psychology and really know the advantages of therapy, it took me a while to embark on this journey for myself.  Now that I am actively engaging my therapist I find the experience to be one of the missing ingredients in my life. 

As a woman in general I wear many hats.  As a single, professional woman I wear more hats.  As an oldest child and oldest grandchild I wear even more hats.  As a friend, fiancé, sister, aunt etc. etc. there are still more hats.  So where does a girl go to just lay it all out?  While many people may feel that pray will be the answer to this, that is true but therapy adds an additional layer that combined with prayer (for those of us who believe in a higher power) the boosts your mental, spiritual and emotional well-being. 


I encourage all women to find a great therapist.  Check with your insurance, for instance my Employee Assistance Program offers 24/7 therapy by phone and also has some online therapeutic modules that you can complete in your own time as well.  Some churches have certified counselors on staff and many medical facilities can facilitate coordination of your mental and emotional health needs as well. 

Being in therapy has placed a mirror in front of a lot of things I knew but did not want to address.  It has allowed me to own my stuff and has also given me some tools to help work on the things that need to be addressed.  It has also allowed me to have an unbiased advocate who is just as concerned about my well-being as I am.  I encourage everyone to invest in yourself and find a good therapist.