Traveling for Single Women


For many, summer is the time for vacation.  It may be because the weather is nice, it may be because your kids are out of school or you have time off from work. Whatever  the case may be for you, summer travel for single women need to be safe, secure and most of all fun.  Here are some tips and some resources to make summer travel safer and fun for single women.

The most important thing to do before you travel is to do you research. 

My favorite go to resource for travel is Frommer’s. has access to destinations across the world.  All you need to do is put in your destination and check on what the experts suggest.  One of the best things about Frommer’s is that they offer tips for singles.  This can be your guide to making sure you pick the safest lodging and the safest way to explore your chosen destination.  Whatever tool you use be sure to research thoroughly to ensure your safety while not sacrificing fun and excitement.


The second most important thing to remember when traveling is to budget.  This means knowing what you vacation will cost, transportation, lodging, food and any extras you wish to participate in while traveling.  You should also have a little cushion to cover unexpected emergencies or things that may pop up while you are away from home.  Budgeting will ensure that you can enjoy yourself both during and after your vacation.  Make sure to budget appropriately.

Plan your trip. 

Look at what is popular in your travel destination.  What month are you planning to travel?  Are there any festivals or other events going on at the same time you plan to be in the area?  What are the attractions you wish to see and experience while you are there?  Make sure you have these questions in mind when you plan your trip and make sure they fit your budget and safety plans.  Look at the suggestions from Frommers and check online with the Police departments as well as the hotel you plan to stay at to see what is going on at your travel destination.  This will save you time and help you to stay on track with your budget.

Know your market

It is important to recognize that the single travel market is a very important market.  Look for tips and websites and organizations that cater to singles that travel.  There are sites that cater to single who enjoy cruises.  Sites that cater to singles who hike or singles who like adventure such as sky diving or mountain climbing.  Check with the concierge at your hotel, if they offer this service, to find out how to navigate the area around your hotel and places where you may plan to visit while you are traveling.

Share your plans

Always make sure that someone knows where you are going and where you will be.  Write out a detailed itinerary with flight numbers and times, hotel information and the days and times of trips and sightseeing, if you know ahead of time.  Once you have a complete itinerary email it to friends and family and make sure that you check in at least once a day.  This gives those that love you peace of mind as well as allowing you an extra layer of safety and security while you travel.

Whether you choose to travel in the summer, winter or throughout the year, traveling for singles can be fun but should ultimately be safe.  There are many things should be considered before traveling to make sure that you have a safe and peaceful travel experience.  Knowing your destination, making sure that you stay in a safe place and looking for tips and advice for traveling singles will provide a great resource and assist you in having a great vacation.


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