Shows about Single Women (Where are they Now?)

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If you came of age in the 80’s or 90’s like I did you saw television shows that had single women in them.  The 90’s was the height of shows about single, professional women with Living Single, Girlfriends and Sex and the City.  My question is what happened to this type of television programming?

There was nothing like waiting to see the adventures of the urban friends on Living Single.  Many of the characters were people we could relate to or similar to people we knew or aspired to be.  From the independent, sharp witted Maxine to Sinclair with her visionary ideas and off handed ways of doing things, the show made us laugh and made us think at the same time.  The show demonstrated the fun that happens as you are growing as well as the struggles and issues that can arise in daily life.  As I watch re-runs now, I think of how many of the things they experiences in the show I have since experienced in my coming of age.


Girlfriends was another popular show but I never really got into it.  I have tried to watch re-runs (as they are on often), but I just cannot get into the characters like I did Living Single and Sex and the City.  I still however appreciate that the characters in Living Single and Girlfriends had some similarities and offered some laughs as well as some moments of self-reflection.  This is what is missing, in my opinion, from current television programming.


Sex and the City was a more unrealistic view of life, especially for a young, black girl like me.  I do not know the experience of purchasing shoes that are the equivalent of car payment or the joys of going out most nights of the week.  Though the show remains one of my all-time favorites, it was a world of fantasy and excess that I will probably never know.  But the reality is that I still miss these types of television shows.

sex  and the city

Now we are bombarded by reality television and the ins and outs of people’s lives that often seem extreme and ridiculous.  Long gone are the weekly escapades of the fictitious and fun characters we came to grow and love.  Even shows such as Single Ladies on VH1 miss the mark and fail to reach the standards set by shows such as Living Single, Girlfriends and Sex and the City.  Current television programming leaves much to be desired and too much personal information out in the open.  Bring back good programming for women!


How Do You Vent?


How Do You Vent?

We all find ourselves frustrated at times in our lives.  This frustration may come from work, family, school, or just life in general.  While there are many ways to deal with your frustrations many of us choose to vent.  I found an interesting definition of venting in the Urban Dictionary.  According to the Urban Dictionary venting is described as:

Talking is a coping mechanism that allows a person to rationalize and validate their                 fears, concerns, worries, dreams and hopes. If we are not allowed to vent, we end up               bottling up our emotions which is detrimental to the human psyche and can end up               suffering from it’s side effects. Such as Ulcers, depression, high blood pressure,                       anxiety migraines, fatigue.. the list goes on and on. So when you find yourself in the               position of being the receiver of someone’s griping, moaning, bitching realize that                   not always is advice warranted but more or less you have become the outlet for                       someone’s Physical and Psychological health.

Venting is a form of release, a way for us to deal externally with internal issues.  For many of us venting may be done verbally, we may talk about what is bothering us, we may curse, scream, shout or debate the issue.  These are all verbal forms of venting.

For others venting means crying whether to yourself, to the pillow or to someone you love and trust.  Crying allows us to release the emotions or deal with the pain and move from a place of pain to a place of healing.

Some others turn to shopping (one of my favorites) or what I like to call retail therapy.  This provides the opportunity to get out of what you are feeling and focus on what is in front of you, hopefully a great sale!

Some other people vent by smoking or utilizing substances which I would not recommend, but is a form of outlet for some.

Spa days (whether home spa days or days at an actual spa) provide another source of venting.  You also get rejuvenated and recharged.

Working out is also a great way to vent and a healthier way to vent.  Working out is not only good for your mental health but for your physical health as well.

There is not right or wrong way to vent.  The issue is that you be sure to vent and not hold on to what you are feeling. Being deliberate about expressing your feelings provides you a way take care of your mental and emotional health.  Be sure to vent when you feel frustrated!