Every successful person needs a team. No matter what line of work you are in it is almost impossible for one person to wear each and every hat required to make a project successful. The team may not always look like you expect it to look. For most people the team may be your family for others your team may consist of friends. Who is on your team?

My team has been ever evolving my entire life. My team consists of individuals that I have come to trust, respect and love from various aspects of my life. In my mind we are all Supersheroes, women who can conquer any obstacle save the world, look fabulous while doing it all and then sit down to enjoy a French martini. My team is also diverse in our areas of employment. My team consists of educators, engineers, sustainability coordinators, public servants, healthcare workers, government employees, ministers and those who have served their time in the work force and who are now enjoying retirement. I have a great team.

My team has supported me through graduations, funerals, stress, upset, failed relationships, good relationships, financial issues, pain, hurt, heartache, mountaintop moments and valley experiences. They have scolded, me encouraged me, helped me, supported me and most importantly, they have never failed me. They are available 24/7 as I am for them. We support each other. Just as they have been there and supported me, I support them as well.

Most of my team also happen to be single. Is this a bad thing? No. We have all been in relationships. Some of us are in relationships now. Some are dating and some are waiting. A few of my team members are married and it does not change how we care for and support each other. Life presents unique challenges each and every day and it is great that you can round up your group of Supersheroes and face whatever the world throws at you.

Each and everyday this phenomenal group of women play a part in my daily life. They listen, they offer advice, they admonish, they laugh and cry with me and I with them. When the evil villains of life seek to threaten my sanity, steal my joy and step on my dreams I send out my Bat Signal and me and my Sheroes go to battle. I thank God for them.